Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo
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learn to code!

Free Programming Club for Kids

The Mahopac & Carmel (M&C) CoderDojo is part of a global movement of free computer programming clubs for kids. We are a volunteer lead community organization dedicated to inspiring kids ages 7 through 17 to develop STEM skills through the exploration of computer programming, automation, and robotics in an informal and creative environment.

All Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo Events are
Free and Open to the Public
(pre-registration required)

Don't Just Play on Your Phone - Program It!

Technology is rapidly transforming our lives and affects every industry and business, not just "high tech". Computer programming and science is increasingly becoming a critical and foundational skill for the 21st century workforce and it is predicted that in 5 years there will be a shortage of nearly 1,000,000 workers needed to fill jobs that require computer science skills. Compared to 10 years ago the number of computer science graduates has decreased and the data shows that the number of women computer science graduates has decreased more rapidly than male graduates.

Be Cool!

The number one rule of Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo is "Be Cool!" We are dedicated to providing an open, safe, encouraging environment for kids to learn and flourish.

Helping, sharing, supporting, encouraging, cooperating and being kind are all very COOL!

Bullying, lying, time wasting and general disruptive or disrespectful behavior are all considered uncool!

Like all CoderDojo's we adhere to a policy of inclusion .