Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo

What will you learn at a Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo Event?

Explore Computer Science at the M&C CoderDojo

Computer science is a foundational skill needed by all students to be competitive in our fast paced technology driven world. Computer science develops students’ computational and critical thinking skills and shows them how to create, not just consume, new technologies. At the M&C CoderDojo we will explore computer science through a variety of programming languages and platforms.

What to Expect

At the M&C CoderDojo we strive to balance the club activities between instruction, peer to peer learning and mentoring and self-lead learning through collaborative project work. Instruction will be needed to provide the basics of a technology and a basis for learning and applying newly acquired skills towards fun projects including automation, gaming, robotics and the internet of things.

Current Technologies at the M&C CoderDojo

Future Technologies

We are open to exploring other technologies including Lua, W3.CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Database design and SQL. Please let us know what your interests are!