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Minecraft Mod Development with Java


Many kids are introduced to computers through gaming. While not all children will want to explore programming and develop computer games, developing games is without a doubt, cool. Minecraft, with over 21 million copies sold, is very popular and is an enticing pathway for girls and boys to venture into computer programming. After all, what could be cooler than creating your own characters and programming their behavior in your favorite game?

Developing Mods for Minecraft is an exciting Dojo activity and also develops skills that will not only develop critical thinking, but also provides an opportunity to learn a programming language used professionally throughout the world.

Best for students 10+ years of age, unless they have some experience programming such as with Scratch.

What to Expect?

A Chicken Storm!

We will show you how to setup and configure your computer to run the Minecraft server; how to create Mods and test them on Minecraft. Generally we will use the book Minecraft Mods Programming - Absolute Beginner's Guide by Rogers Cadenhead (Copyright © 2015 Pearson Education, Inc published by Que Publishing) to take a journey through spawning mobs, make one mob ride another, transmute materials in an inventory, and display a Mob's health while in combat, just to name a few of the adventures ahead!

While developing Minecraft Mods we will also be learning object orientated programming using the Java programming language. Java is a powerful programming platform that is used in many modern applications on a variety of computer platforms. You will learn basics of Java programming that every Minecraft modder needs to know and build on existing Minecraft objects to create new Mods. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

What You'll Need

Minecraft Client
To test your Mods you will need the Minecraft client (game). The Minecraft client can be purchased from the website for about $27. This software must be purchased in advance and installed on your computer. The Minecraft client is not open source software and each computer should have a valid license to use the game.
Bukkit Minecraft Server
We use the Bukkit Minecraft Server and class library (version 1.7.10) to develop Mods. This free open source software library runs on java on your computer and can be downloaded at The following two files are needed:
Java Virtual Machine (JDK 8)
The Minecraft Server runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Your computer may already have Java installed, however, the Minecraft server we will use requires JDK 8. Please verify your have JDK 8 or please download it from the Oracle JDK 8 website.

Editor/Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Our Java IDE of choice is Oracle's NetBeans. You are welcome to use your favorite Java IDE such as Eclipse but we may not be able to address any issues, should they occur. Net Beans is available for free from