Mahopac & Carmel CoderDojo

Volunteers are people from all walks of life regardless of age and stature that have a common goal. The desire to make a difference in their community by giving their time to help others.

Technical Volunteer/Mentor

A CoderDojo Tech Volunteer is also known as a Mentor and is a technically skilled individual who guides CoderDojo attendees and facilitates their learning and project work during a Dojo session. Mentors usually have a preferred area or expertise within which they like to work (e.g., HTML, Python etc.).

Mentors Should have:

  • Basic Knowledge of at least one coding language or experience with Scratch.
  • A love of coding and enthusiasm for passing this skill on to Dojo students
  • Equipment necessary for a session you want to run if it is not supplied by the Mahopac Dojo
What does a Mentor do?
What is taught at a M&C CoderDojo is normally dependent on the Mentors who are there and their technical skills combined with the interests of the young people attending. At Dojos young people will learn technical skills, work on fun projects, help each other solve problems and show off what they've been working on. CoderDojo Mentors support the following CoderDojo Learning Philosophies:
  • Project and Discovery Based Learning
  • Mentor Support/Facilitation
  • Self-motivated problem solving
  • Choosing and researching Tutorials for the sessions
  • Choosing and Sourcing equipment needed for the Dojo
  • Organization and operational support
  • Creating / researching new Resources for the Dojo
What’s my commitment as a Mentor?
All Mentors are welcomed to get involved in once-off Dojos, as well as ongoing activities so you don’t have to feel pressured to take part in every Dojo.

Contact the M&C CoderDojo about Volunteering